Hiring Quality and Quantity fast Lead!

When a startup is growing there is magic in the air and every employee contributes to the atmosphere almost like a musician in an orchestra. While the company is rapidly scaling it’s constantly hiring new employees to support its growth. You want your company to be a place where you nurture and attract great musicians but you also must ensure that they can play along with the rest of the band. For that to happen gifted candidates must fit the company’s culture.

Help Wanted, Crème De La Crème Needed

monday.com hires only from top 2% of the talent pool. Not only that, a successful hire also requires having the right culture fit. Meaning, candidates must be able to play their musical instrument while being in the same key as the rest of the company.

How does a company scale and recruit mass quantities of only the top 2% in a competitive environment and ensure they have the culture fit? Keep in mind; the best people don’t look for jobs, jobs find them, so companies must act fast. (@32:14)

“Keep in mind; the best people don’t look for
jobs, jobs find them”

“What Made This Challenge So Difficult?”

Behind the scenes of every job search are companies competing to pull top talents into their recruitment funnel. The best talents are fought over, every company tries to instill candidates with a fear of missing out both on the fun of joining the company but also the professional opportunity.

   Tips for Hiring Both Quality Employees by The Bulk

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