SFS Talks: Aligning the Product & client-facing teams

December 22nd, 2020

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Product and Sales are two departments that are traditionally at odds. While sales reps request certain features in the product to close a deal, the product managers work according to a pre-defined roadmap. Even though both of the departments aim for the company’s success, they usually see different ways to get there. This miscommunication can eventually cost the company a lot.

So how do you align the sales and product departments? How do you build processes that improve workflows between departments? And why having a shared KPI isn’t enough for both parties’ success?

This week we are talking to Leah Bauman, Product Alignment Manager, and Nir Goldstein, VP of EMEA & APAC Sales at monday.com, who will share the process of creating and defining the new role of Product Alignment, the challenges in creating a bridge between potential customers needs and the product roadmap, and how having a dedicated owner for a process already generated more than 2$ million dollars in the past year, and made many customers happier.


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