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Nice to meet you 🙂 We are Startup for Startup, a monday.com initiative to share knowledge, experience and insights between startups.

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About us

We started Startup for Startup in 2018, with the goal to start a new conversation in the startup ecosystem, and to give founders and startup enthusiasts a place to learn from others and to dive deep into problems we all share.

What started as a small initiative that simply enabled 1:1 meetings between startup founders, grew quickly to so much more than that. Today, Startup for Startup is a platform for people of the startup ecosystem to share knowledge, to crack challenges together and to learn from others by having an open, honest conversation. 

Dive into our podcast, read our blog, invite our speakers to your meetup or be featured as a founder in our Founders Column – we are to give and get back, from one startup to another. 

And, of course – we always want to hear what you think. So if you have any question, feedback or comment – feel free to reach out to us!

Listen to our guests, read what they have to say, and tell us what you think. Startup for Startup is a conversation, each side contributes, exchanges ideas, and learns from one another. So, speak up and join our community so we can learn from each other.

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