monday.com's IPO Guide

What we learned from our IPO process

Wow, monday.com is a public company now!

It has been a wild ride. And in the months before the IPO we have learned so much about this process: what needs to be included in the F-1 document? what is insider trading? and how to communicate the entire process to our employees?

In this page you will find everything we are able to share about the IPO process: from explanatory videos we shared with monday.com’s employees, to blog posts and podcast episodes about the journey.

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IPO Timeline


Bank selection

The process of picking your lead bank/s. part of it is the Bakeoff, where the banks present themselves and their vision about the company to us.


Org meeting

The IPO process kicks off with all the players: two law firms, the banks, and the accountant, and this is where they learn about the company.


Writing F1/S1

Writing the prospectus - about 200 pages that define your offering. It's an important document, and you'll spend hours on end working with 40 different people.



Testing the waters is a meeting with investors that will set the tone for your future relationship with them and help bankers gauge interest. We use their feedback to improve our F1 and story.



The stage you pick the other banks that will accompany you in the process and define their compensation model.


Analyst day

When all the analysts that cover your company get to hear you explain in your own words about the company. At this point, your deck is battle tested from the TTW, but here more depth is needed. This is an important stage as those analysts will cover the company post the IPO.



The stage where the F1, after being approved by the SEC, becomes public. From this moment onward, the company is obligated to start the roadshow within 14 days, to make sure the information presented in the F1 is reliable and up to date on the day of the IPO.



Two weeks of meeting more investors. This time a price range was already set for your shares, and you start seeing orders get in every day - the roadshow is the process of getting actual orders to build the book.


Pricing and closing the book

Deciding which investor gets how much, and deciding on the share price the company will IPO at.



When the stock starts trading.



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