July 1st, 2019

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The flywheel model – Turning customers to promoters

Customers are the driving force for monday.com’s growth. Early adopters can become potential promoters within their workplaces. We call these amazing folks our champions of monday.com.

How can monday.com create opportunities for those champions who want to attract teams in their organization to our platform? How can we identify them in time? 

This week, Lauren Spera, Enterprise Account Manager at monday.com, takes us through the journey of doing enterprise sales using the flywheel approach. Replacing the traditional funnel approach, it centers around satisfied customers that increase referrals and sales within enterprises.

We talk about how to find champions within clients’ teams and when is the right moment to give the flywheel a nudge to increase its momentum? Also, what is the right time to let go and let it work on its own?


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