Managing job crafting

האזינו דרך האפליקציה האהובה עליכם

In the age of technology, careers shift all the time. A programmer can wind up in product management. A content writer can find their passion for design and become a graphic designer. More and more, we’re becoming comfortable switching career paths, and like any new practice, there’s a name for it: job crafting. Though job crafting is all the rage at the moment, not every company – or manager – embraces the idea—and we get it. This kind of change is complex, not only for the one switching careers, but for management, who now needs to fill the role. For managers, is it worth giving an employee the chance to make this kind of change? And if management gives employees the green light on “job crafting,” what does the employee need to smoothly make the switch? Tune in as we discuss one of startup’s latest habits.

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