SFS Talks: Leveraging company values to create channel alignment

November 11th, 2020

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This episode was recorded especially for the upcoming Unplugged: Partnerships event, coming up on November 18th. Click here to register and to find more details about the event.

How to create channel alignment, and how can we use our internal work culture to create better partnerships?

In 2020, the Partnerships department at monday.com tripled in size. We added the department less than three years ago, and already more business partners – external companies or salespeople – offer our platform than monday.com’s Sales department. 

So how can we make sure our external partners are aligned with our brand and product just as every other employee at the company?

In a special episode recorded ahead of the upcoming Unplugged: Partnerships event, we are talking to Asaf Fradkin, Head of Partnerships and Business Development, and Dror Spindel, Director for Latin America at monday.com. Asaf and Dror share how we can use our internal work culture to create successful partnerships, how to bridge gaps with partners, and why creating channel alignment can bring value not only for the company, but also for both our partners and the customers


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