S4S Talks: Turning 30k Support Tickets a Month Into Actionable Insights

March 18th, 2019

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Customer Success is the one team in the company that receives feedback from every shape and size of customers; whether they’re coming from a trial or paying and large or small accounts., paying, large or small accounts. We receive roughly 30,000 tickets a month covering many different needs and we answer each ticket as if it were our only user – with empathy and empowerment.

But we realized that this wasn’t enough. We could use this information to enhance the platform, reduce our ticket load and empower our users even more. Essentially, we want to share with the rest of our teams what users say about the features we release and pain points they might have and to show trends or correlations between what our R&D and Product do and what users are saying as a result.

So how can we turn 30K tickets a month into insights that everyone in the company can work with?

This week’s guest is Effie Arman, Head of Customer Success Israel here at monday.com. Effie walked us through what we call ”Voice of Customer” and shared with us how this challenge of turning support tickets into actionable insights is being addressed.


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