How to define KPIs for CS teams

May 11th, 2021

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How to define KPIs for CS teams? What are the consequences of choosing the wrong KPI? And how can we make sure that the KPIs we choose really cover all of our goals? 

KPIs are the growth engine of almost every startup company. A well-defined KPI can boost up revenues, while an inaccurate one can shift the focus from what’s important. 

This week Darya Wertheim spoke with Tom Ronen, Head of High Touch Customer Success, and Nir Fogel, Head of Client Services, about one of the most challenging areas to set KPIs in – Customer Success teams.

They Discuss three main dilemmas related to the topic – Is it better to define individual or team KPIs? Should you connect the KPIs to compensations? And what encourages more growth – Leading or Lagging KPIs?  

*A short clarification before you listen – we know that the term CS can relate to different teams in different companies. At, when we speak about CS teams, we mean groups that help the client implement and scale with the product, and not technical support teams. 

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