86: מנהיגות מוכוונת אימפקט – חלק 1 (English)

האזינו דרך האפליקציה האהובה עליכם

You know when you start working on a project that seems pretty small, only to end up working on it for days – sometimes even months – more than expected?

Those of you who have listened to our podcast before know that we are an impact-driven company. In practice, this means we believe in achieving perfection through iteration. Investing our time in learning by executing quickly, analyzing the results, and executing again. Rather than by months on months of research.

In this week’s episode, Lior Krengel and Eran Zinman talk about impact-driven leadership and how it can help us move faster. 

They discuss the reasons for analysis paralysis, how we can overcome it, and why going against our intuition can actually help us in these cases.

Companies are moving so fast today and everything is so dynamic, and I think the ones that fail are the ones who stop innovating and making changes, and eventually slow down and die. The ability to move quickly is relevant whether you’re a small team or a big company, in order to stay in the game and be successful.” (Eran Zinman)

The MVP diagram. By Aaron Lawrence on Medium

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