Dev On Call – Turning a Duty Into an Ongoing Team Challenge

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It’s 2 a.m. Israel time, on a Monday. 40,000 teams from across the globe are monitoring their work with Suddenly, in a quiet server farm in Virginia, an incident occurs. Simultaneously, Eviathar wakes up in his Tel Aviv apartment, an automated alarm notifies him: the server’s memory is filling too fast!

Bugs don’t take developers’ work hours into consideration. So an active developer must be appointed to be on-call — days, nights, weekends, and holidays. How can we approach this? Should we direct all problems to a dedicated DevOps team? Should we treat only the systemwide bugs or all bugs? Do we only allow the most experienced to handle the problem or also the new developers?

Eviathar Moussaffi, R&D Team Lead @, shares our method of handling Dev-On-Call duty, the challenges that arise with managing an array of developers in a fast-growing company – both personal and software wise, and the opportunity of turning an intrusive duty into an ongoing team challenge.

Enjoy <3

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