Developing For Mobile – On Challenges and Opportunities

When was founded in 2012, development efforts were concentrated solely on desktop products. Six years later, global mobile use is at an all-time high – people are working more and more through mobile. With their fingertips,’s users are setting a path for the company. Now we must decide – how should we tread it?

The potential here is enormous and with it the challenges – what is the mobile’s role? Should the platform mirror the desktop? Is it a standalone tool? A complementary tool? How do you create a mobile experience in a product that started with desktop?

This week, Shani Frenkel – Designer from the mobile team, shares the way decisions are made in a team that needs to be hyper-flexible, and on the ways to build a product that empowers a living environment, and at the same time remains whole in itself.

Enjoy <3

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