How to Combine Sales and a No-touch Funnel

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We met with Yoni Osherav, Head of Sales at, to discuss how for three and a half years scaled without a single salesperson. They not only grew but had an annual revenue of over ten million dollars using this method.

Yet, after about a year, the Sales team includes 25 people and it is one of the fastest growing departments in the company. Their team recently changed its name to the Consulting group, another indication that doesn’t view sales in the traditional way.

We discussed why decided they needed a Sales team and the organizational complication this created,.Not to mention how they can spot which sales would have taken place without human intervention helping them utilize their Consulting group. Yoni explained to us how and why doesn’t use market norms to compensate their team.

We also dived into how the group is now one of their greatest growth engines.

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