The Methodology Behind’s Growth Tactics

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The window of opportunity to create value for new sign-ups to closes fast – 40% of them drop-out after only a few minutes! The potential for growth here is huge, and so is the challenge: How can we show “what we’re worth” so quickly?

Michal lupu, head of the growth team @, reveals the methodology of the Growth Team that is continuously tackling this challenge — building a bridge between the customer that just signed up → and the ability in the system that can improve the way their team works.

The Growth Team operates in a cycle of 5 distinct stages, thoroughly explained by Lupu:

  1. Hypothesizing different growth tactics
  2. Prioritizing hypotheses
  3. Developing tests for chosen hypotheses
  4. Running the tests
  5. Understanding & learning from the results

After two years of tests, wins, failures and lines upon lines of thrown-away code, Lupu and her team have plenty of insight to share.

Enjoy <3

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