The Secret Taskforce

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On a seemingly regular Thursday, Evgeniy Kazinec – UI/UX Product Designer at, sent out a message about a new feature that has been released internally. This feature is different for a couple of reasons:

1. It tackles a significant pain in our platform in a new way.

2. It was developed in “stealth” mode for several weeks.

The team behind it, including Tom Hoffen, Ariel Pollack and Arnon Nir, met in secret for two months after work hours to develop it.

Arnon and Evgeniy discuss the “behind the scenes” of this feature’s development.What was the rationale behind running a “silent taskforce” as Arnon calls it? and What could they have done differently? We tackled both the strengths and weaknesses of this project, reinforcing to ourselves the good practices we already have, alongside a reminder to bring awareness to the fears and biases that might be holding us back.  

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