Turning Data Into a Growth Accelerator

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Big Brain Team leader Ran Davidovitz shared monday.com’s seemingly odd decision to dedicate a third of their R&D for internal development.

Meet BigBrain, a tool that was initially made to create graphs but has emerged as an essential tool that makes data engaging. It’s so engaging that every employee uses BigBrain on a daily basis to make quick, confident, and educated decisions.

Ran met with us to reveal how BigBrain supports and empowers every one of the monday.com teams through data. How a dashboard goes from good to great. How making data accessible allows monday.com to transform transparency from a terminology into a daily practice. Ran shared with us how monday.com uses data to spare their employees from repetitive work (automation, automation, automation) and the BigBrain vision.

Spoiler: it’s data for all and not just analysts or scientists.

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