Craftsmanship Shared Language

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As we continue to grow, more talented hands are “touching” the product – designers, developers, product managers, etc. At the same time, the product itself expands and becomes richer and richer. This raises up the question – How can we keep moving fast in many vectors, give new team members ownership from day one, and at the same time provide our users with a cohesive and intuitive experience?

The first step in cracking this challenge is what we call “Craftsmanship Shared Language”, a set of guidelines that was originally presented on our last company offsite in Dec 2018.

This week’s guest is Abigail Pagi, Full stack developer here at Together with Roy Man, Abigail took us on a journey from the R&D’s point of view through these principles.

This episode is accompanied by a poster that summarises the main ideas discussed. Feel free to share. 

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