How Investors’ Support Benefits an Early Stage Startup

This week we’re going back in time to a period of uncertainty for – January 2014. We still didn’t crack the product-market fit and had only a few more months worth of cash in the bank.

Many start-ups find themselves in similar situations along the way – conviction in the product is high, early feedback is promising, but the road ahead isn’t clear. In these tough moments, investors’ moral support is crucial for moving forward. What does support of this kind look like? How do you build it? What influences the investors’ decision in these early stages? And what makes an investor suggest to double his investment in such circumstances?

Joining us to answer these questions is Avi Eyal, a Founding Partner at Entrée Capital. Avi invested in at the Seed round, alongside with Genesis. In this episode, he shares the thought processes of an investor that needs to make pivotal decisions quickly, all while relying on little data and taking big leaps of faith.  

Download the DaPulse 2014 original board presentation, and read Avi’s post on Convertible Notes & SAFEs.

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