Assembling a Task Force

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Product Manager, Shirley Baumer, explained how they solve their product’s biggest challenges by forming “a startup within a startup” AKA a Taskforce. This episode dives from the high-level concept of a task force into the day-to-day life of the Taskforce Shirley is currently working on, together with developers Kobi Mizrahi, Arnon Nir and designer Hili Neeman.

We discussed why and how a team consisting of members of different organic teams is formed to tackle one task. Shirley explained why it’s better to be fast then right, and how Taskforces avoid assuming they know what the problem is (let alone solution) in order to optimize the right part of the product.

Eran Zinman shared with us how “it wasn’t always like that” and what led to the creation of Taskforce teams. (spoiler, they threw out three month’s worth of code).

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