The Day After Closing a Company

More than 95% of startups fail. It sucks, but that’s the statistic. Behind the numbers are thousands of entrepreneurs that put everything on the line and realized that it’s not going to happen for them (this time).

What do you do afterward – Do you open a new company? Join an existing one? Fly to India?

This week, @Eran Helft  – Product Lead, and former Co-founder and CEO at Halo Labs – Shares his journey as an entrepreneur. He talks about the roller coaster he experienced – How a year ago he flew to meet customers in SF, expecting to come back carrying suitcases filled with cash. Instead, he returned to Israel early and shut down the company. Hell of a ride.

We talk about the dilemmas entrepreneurs face when choosing to join existing companies – What opportunities are there for personal growth in a company? How to choose which role to signup to?  What can you gain from making the transition and, what are the compromises that are needed?

Enjoy <3

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