How To De-risk Raising Capital From Investors

When Roy Mann and Lior Krengel meet with entrepreneurs, as a part of our Startup for Startup initiative, one topic is always raised – raising capital. 

Whom do you contact? When do you raise money? How should you go about the process? What’s the pitch deck supposed to look like? How do you best understand investor feedback? Who should come to the meeting? What should you ask investors? And many, many, many more!

There is no end to the questions because there is no eternal or ultimate truth for raising capital. Nor is it a precise science. Every day a new batch of entrepreneurs raises money with a new approach. Each one filled with ambition and creativity but without experience.

Roy Mann, CEO and Co-Founder at shared with us what he learned from raising $84 million in four rounds and five years. We recorded this so that when entrepreneurs do meet us, they’ll can ‘prepare’ for our meeting, so we can focus on their specific challenges once we actually meet.

We want to make sure you get the most of our meeting, here and now on the podcast, so we’ve included a presentation on the subject.

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