39: היום שאחרי ההשקעה – בניית מערכות יחסים מוצלחות עם משקיעים. אורח: קן פוקס (English)

האזינו דרך האפליקציה האהובה עליכם

There's plenty of information about fundraising processes. Whether it's finding investors, building an investment deck, what an optimal term sheet looks like, and so on. But signing a term sheet with investors is only the beginning of a very long relationship.

How does the day after the investment look? What are the best practices for communicating with your investors? How do you develop trust between the parties, and how do you maintain it?

This week talk with Ken Fox, Managing Partner @ Stripes Group – the investor that led our Round C. We talk about the interests of investors and founders, discuss ways to align goals, the importance of transparency in relationships, and one exceptional dog.

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