Founders Column

Every week, a founder that answers the same 10 questions in a reflective manner. This initiative was inspired by the book ‘Tribe of Mentors׳ and strives to share a perspective that is not so common. We often hear founders who share their business perspectives and talk about their success stories, but we rarely get a chance to get a peek into what drives them and their personal habits that makes them into who they are, both in success and failure.

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Don’t optimize for valuation, optimize for the best partner you would like to work with

Tom Livne,

CEO & Co-Founder at

Having one another and sharing the burden is critical to our success

Roy Mann and Eran Zinman, Founders

Sometimes it’s important to just keep blindly running in a single direction.

Yael Florenthal,

Co-Founder & COO at

Ignore all the people along the way reminding me that the chance of success is low

Sharon Dayag,

Co-founder & COO of Eloops