Founders Column

Every week, a founder that answers the same 10 questions in a reflective manner. This initiative was inspired by the book ‘Tribe of Mentors׳ and strives to share a perspective that is not so common. We often hear founders who share their business perspectives and talk about their success stories, but we rarely get a chance to get a peek into what drives them and their personal habits that makes them into who they are, both in success and failure.

“I Would Tell People To Ask ‘Why’ More Often”

Sanj Sanampudi,

Co-Founder and CEO of Concert

“I Make Tons Of Mistakes On A Day To Day Basis And This Is Part Of Growing And Scaling.”

Eynat Guez,

CEO and Co-Founder at Papaya Global

Learn To Live Day By Day And Plan Year By Year”

Lior Sion,

Co-founder and CTO, Bringg